Worry Free - Worry Free Living

Worry Free - Worry Free Living

Here are just 7 ways in which you are rewarded with this therapy as you throw away worry and become happy...


  • Day by day you will become increasingly successful in overcoming pointless and self defeating worry.


  • You will find less and less need to worry about future problems and dangers, many of which are quite imaginary.


  • You will resolve to live in 24 hour blocks, looking neither forward nor backward beyond a 24 hour period.


  • You start to live today as best you can and by doing this, you will also be doing the most within your power to make tomorrow better.


  • You will concentrate all your awareness, understanding and energy on the immediate task at hand, in a relaxed and peaceful manner free of all nervousness and apprehension.


  • You will become much less conscious and much less preoccupied with yourself.


  • You will refuse to allow yourself to be limited by the worry habit, and develop a positive mental attitude.

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