Sexuality Female - Intimacy for Females

Sexuality Female - Intimacy for Females

Here are just 7 ways in which you are rewarded with this therapy...


  • You will realise that your body is beautifully programmed to respond sexually on auto pilot, to itself and others.


  • You will understand that the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure, is a beautiful and natural way to express love.


  • You will no longer afraid to enjoy intimacy, recognising that it is perfectly normal to exhibit passion, and enjoy love making.


  • The more creative you become sexually, the more love you will be able to share.


  • You will break free from things learnt about sex from parents or other sources harmful to sexuality.


  • So now and in the future you find yourself extending all these principals of relaxation, which you have learnt into your sexuality.


  • You will find yourself taking advantage of any increased leisure time to be more romantic, more creative, more spontaneous about your love making.

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