Listening - The Art of Active Listening

Listening - The Art of Active Listening

Here are just 7 ways in which you are rewarded with this therapy designed to teach you how to become an active listener...


  • You will learn to avoid interrupting a person’s flow of speech or changing the subject.


  • You avoid thinking about a reply while they are speaking or attempt to fix their situation.


  • You won’t need to give advice while listening and you will listen to questions carefully and answer them succinctly.


  • You will avoid jumping to conclusions through your personal interpretations.


  • You will have an open posture, and encounter each individual warmly.


  • You will be able to step inside their situation and the issues to understand their circumstances, thoughts and feelings.


  • You now listen empathically to their concerns and needs without judgement and spend time listening to the silences, which are growth gaps.

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