Leaving Earth - Imminent Departure

Leaving Earth - Imminent Departure

Here are just 7 ways in which you are rewarded with this therapy designed to ease your transition as you move forward...


  • You will notice how good it feels to put these worldly possessions down, once and for all.


  • Mentally you will keep those treasured relationships of those that mattered, keeping these forever and ever.


  • With each moment that passes, you will reflect just on all of your wonderful relationships.


  • You will be at total and complete peace with these relationships and life experiences.


  • It will allow you to muster your inner strength while you progress in the universe.


  • Happiness in your thoughts, actions and life generally, through a clear head which improves memory and handling difficult situations.


  • You feel emotionally calm and serene with an invigorating feeling of physical well being and mental health.

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