Stop Smoking Programme


I would personally like to welcome you and also to thank you for choosing Mind Power Activation to deliver your desired goal of being a non-smoker.

Your participation is simple, in this this easy, yet effective and powerful Stop Smoking Programme. Be prepared to be surprised with how easy and comfortable you will feel throughout the positive process and outcome.

With that in mind, the following numerical list is designed, to help you progress through in an orderly fashion, and ultimately reach your desired goal of being a non-smoker. Consistency and effort are the key.

  1. The health and psychosocial aspects are important to recognise, understand and apply, and it is encouraged that you become familiar with the material and links supplied.

  2. The debate regarding addiction and habit is discussed in detail and at length, and to appreciate where you fit in, it is a must read.

  3. To help you become aware of the whys and wherefores of your smoking, and in preparation for stopping smoking, I have created a straightforward form for you to complete. This will also provide me with an insight into your smoking patterns, beliefs and habits should we encounter any problems in the future.

  4. The programme instructions are comprehensive, and although they may appear wordy, they are straightforward and easy to follow. Your commitment of time is necessary, as it took you some time to create the habit of smoking, it will take some time to replace that. For most people it is “painless” and effective. The physiological effects are minimal when you follow the programme as outlined.

  5. The Imagery Guided Smoking Cessation Therapy is the core of the programme, and has been developed after many years of fine tuning, for your listening pleasure. Your location and body posture is described within the MP3.

  6. Follow the instructions of the programme diligently and you will be a non-smoker by the end of 30 days. I offer you a 100% guarantee. If you are the exception to my results, then I will gladly refund your investment in full, simply contact

  7. You will receive follow-up email support for one year.

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